Maria Gallegos

Maria Gallegos came to Highlands after having surgery on both of her knees. With support from her therapists, she is now living pain-free after 18 years.

Patricia Papson

At 74, Patricia Papson had no plans to slow down. She enjoyed traveling, working part-time, and keeping up with her three sons and four grandchildren. Then, Patricia suffered a bad fall that altered her life plans indefinitely.

Marcia Mendez

At 33 weeks pregnant, Marcia Mendez suffered a stroke and was battling COVID-19. She came to Highlands to recover so she could get back to her family and reunite with her newborn baby girl.

Samantha Zarazua

Samantha was admitted to Highlands unable to move after a severe car accident. Determined to start university, she focused on being able to walk again.

Anais Rey

After a terrible bicycle accident, Anais arrived at Highlands not knowing what happened to her and facing many physical challenges.

Janice Blancas

“I knew two things: if I came to Highlands, I would get stronger and increase my endurance, and they would teach me to deal with my disability.”

Jose Vizcanio

For several months, Jose Vizcanio endured suffering from pain and immobility in his left knee. After surgery, he came to Highlands to regain his mobility.

Miguel Montelongo

At home one August day, Miguel Montelongo suffered a stroke. Miguel was unable to walk, talk, or take care of his personal needs. He had a hard time eating and his memory was affected.

Grace Drehmer

Grace was four days from deployment, ready to serve our country, when her accident occurred. Attempting a backflip on a trampoline, Grace landed on her neck. She couldn’t move her extremities and feared the worst.

Felipe Gomez

When Felipe Gomez arrived at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital, he was in poor spirits. “I was very sad because I could not move any part of my body,” Felipe recalled. “I was not able to do anything for myself.”