Anais Rey

One mid-January day, Anais Rey went out with her friends to bike the mountain trails. Anais, 28, enjoys outings like this when she’s not working. A graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso, she works as a case manager for the Comprehensive Health Services Center, a shelter taking care of young immigrants.

This particular ride, however, wasn’t so enjoyable.

During their ride, the friends decided to try a new trail. On that trail, Anais wound up in a terrible accident that left her in a coma. She also suffered a traumatic subarachnoid bleed, several facial fractures, and a pulmonary contusion.

After a stay in the acute care hospital, Anais transferred to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital to regain her function and independence. She arrived at Highlands not knowing what happened to her and facing many physical challenges. At the end of her 16-day stay, Anais could carry on a conversation, walk with a walker, and complete her activities of daily living with some assistance.

Anais recalls one moment during her stay that particularly stood out. “One of my awesome certified nursing assistants took the time to comb out my tangled hair, combing it in a way that my bald spot [from surgery] was covered.” She expressed a lack of words to let the staff know how nice and professional they were, and how much she appreciated the therapy that will let her continue with her life.

Planning to return to work, Anais also vows to “continue my life of adventure!” The week before her accident, Anais had been skydiving in Los Cabos! Her goals for the future are just as big as her sense of adventure. “I want to be famous!” Anais shared. “I sing in a duet.”

We have no doubt Anais will accomplish all her dreams and are honored to play a part in this chapter of her story.