Enrique Chuca

Enrique Chuca was relaxing at home when he started to feel “off”. He began feeling numb on the right side of his body, and his speech began to slur. He quickly went to the hospital. There, they discovered Enrique’s high blood pressure and facial drooping on his right side. Enrique tried to communicate, but he explained, “People didn’t understand what I was saying.”

Enrique’s physicians determined that he suffered a stroke, which left him unable to eat or stand up on his own. His condition required extended care, so he started vetting his options. A family member of his recovered at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital. Because of this previous experience, he decided to continue his recovery there.

Starting with inpatient therapy, Enrique worked hard at his recovery. He then transitioned to outpatient therapy for an additional 20 weeks. Enrique made so much progress since he first arrived and is happy that he chose Highlands. With the help of his care team, Enrique is now walking with a cane and walker, speaking clearly, and eating on his own.

When asked about his experience at Highlands, Enrique said, “Everyone was always there when I needed them! Both my inpatient and outpatient experience were exactly what I needed. My therapists were great, especially Samantha, Steve, Omar, Frank, Claudia, and Susie! Truly, everyone exceeded my expectations.”

Enrique is thankful to be home once again where he continues to work on his recovery. As he progresses more each day, he looks forward to gaining back his independence. He is thankful for everything that Highlands has done to get him back to better.