Felipe Gomez

When Felipe Gomez arrived at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital, he was in poor spirits. “I was very sad because I could not move any part of my body,” Felipe recalled. “I was not able to do anything for myself.”

The cause of Felipe’s impaired mobility and ability to perform activities of daily living was a prolonged and complex medical course. His hospitalization began with spinal decompression and fusion. Complications followed, including hepatic encephalopathy, acute respiratory failure, and dysphagia. Felipe required a ventilator to breathe and a feeding tube for nutrition.

Once Felipe could tolerate three hours of therapy per day, he transferred to Highlands. After several weeks at Highlands, Felipe reports feeling well overall. “I’m able to get out of bed, move all of my body, walk, and shower.”

“All the employees listen to you,” Felipe added about the staff at Highlands. “They were excellent and very caring.”

Felipe looks forward to returning home and to his job as a UPS Freight driver.