Janice Blancas

When Janice Blancas thinks back to her decision to admit to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital — a decision she almost didn’t make — she knows she made the right decision.

It began late December day when Janice, a young lady of 61, noticed she was losing feeling in her legs and hands. She experienced intolerable pain. Though she was previously diagnosed with systemic lupus and fibromyalgia, this was different. Janice went to the emergency room at a local hospital. Admitted to the hospital, the cause of her symptoms was determined. An antibiotic Janice was taking had an adverse toxic effect on her body.

During her stay, Janice planned on transitioning to a skilled nursing facility. She didn’t believe she could participate in therapy without extensive assistance. But Janice decided to give inpatient rehabilitation a try at Highlands.

“It was the best choice I could have made,” Janice reflected. “I knew two things: if I came to Highlands, I would get stronger and increase my endurance, and they would teach me to deal with my disability.”

And that’s exactly what happened.

“What I got was invaluable,” Janice continued. “All that they taught me is something that money could not buy!”

After 19 days at Highlands, Janice was discharged home with home health to her husband. “I go home with a sense of assurance that I can manage my disability because I did not see the day that I could!” Janice arrived at Highlands needing total assistance for all activities of daily living. But she leaves being able to sit up independently and only requiring standby assistance for transfers. “I can dress myself!” she said, full of joy.

“Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital gave me hope!”