Jesse Dryer

Jesse Dryer is 91 years old, coming up on 26 years as a military veteran from the Korean War. He explained, “I enjoyed my time in the military and worked at the Disabled American Veterans Administration for 34 years!”

One night while Jesse was getting ready for bed, he fell and fractured his vertebrae. To recover from his spinal cord injury, Jesse admitted to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital. When he arrived at Highlands, Jesse also had a swollen knee. He couldn’t walk and needed assistance moving out of his wheelchair and bed. Determined to get back to better, he relied on his care team to guide him through recovery.

Therapy had a huge impact on Jesse’s recovery and got him walking again with a walker. Once he was able to walk, he could focus on other goals like completing his activities of daily living without assistance.

“I am very happy I came to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital!”

Jesse is thankful for his caring wife and brother-in-law who supported him throughout his recovery. They have tended to his many animals back home including his 20 goats, 20 chickens, ten turkeys, eight ducks, two geese, and two peacocks. He looks forward to returning home to be with his animals and family once again.