Maria Gallegos

As the owner of Sammy’s Beauty Salon, Maria Gallegos was constantly on her feet. With the long work weeks came extreme arthritic pain. For 18 years, Maria has pushed through the pain each day working as a hairdresser. Her knees were the most affected area, causing her to frequently fall at home.

Despite undergoing three spinal surgeries, Maria continued to suffer. She used to travel to Mexico regularly to see her family but had to stop because of her condition. She finally decided to have surgery on both of her knees. Post-surgery, Maria chose to continue her recovery at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital.

At first, Maria was unsure about starting therapy and even considered going home. Knowing that she needed close care, she began an inpatient rehabilitation program at Highlands. She expressed, “I was so happy I decided to try therapy at Highlands!”

Maria felt fully supported by her team of therapists and felt like they treated her like a queen! “My therapists were so encouraging and kept me going.” Because of her hard work and dedication, Maria is able to walk again, and her pain has completely gone away. She looks forward to returning home to be with her two daughters and watch TV. She can’t wait to finally enjoy life pain-free!