Miguel Montelongo

At home one August day, Miguel Montelongo suffered a stroke. The 69-year-old was hospitalized with significant challenges. Miguel was unable to walk, talk, or take care of his personal needs. He had a hard time eating and his memory was affected. “I was independent prior to the stroke, driving and going out to restaurants” he reflected.

The coronavirus further complicated Miguel’s recovery. After being hospitalized, he tested positive for COVID-19.

After some time in the hospital, Miguel admitted to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital. At Highlands, Miguel began the journey of getting back to better. “When I got here I was unable to go to the bathroom, to shower, to walk, to eat, to clothe myself. I also could not talk clearly. It was hard to remember things,” he said.

Miguel worked hard during his inpatient stay with physical, occupational, and speech therapies. “I felt good about my recovery because I heard the staff here is excellent and they’d take care of me. I felt so comfortable!”

Upon completing his inpatient stay, Miguel discharged home. “I can do everything on my own now, except write with my right hand. I am starting to walk without my walker and my speech is a lot better. My memory is pretty good now,” he shared. Miguel continues to work on his recovery with outpatient services at Highlands.

“I am so happy to have decided to come to Highlands,” Miguel added with a smile. “All the staff is so wonderful!”