Patricia Papson

At 74, Patricia Papson had no plans to slow down. She enjoyed traveling, working part-time, and keeping up with her three sons and four grandchildren. Then, Patricia suffered a bad fall that altered her life plans indefinitely.

As a result of the incident, Patricia began to experience tingling and numbness in her fingers and pain in her upper neck area. She discovered that she had a torn rotator cuff and went to the doctor. An MRI showed that she suffered a cervical spinal cord compression.

Patricia’s physician explained that she would need a posterior cervical decompression and fusion surgery to alleviate her symptoms. Wanting to get back to her active lifestyle, she opted to get the surgery. Post-surgery her physician recommended continued care and intensive therapy at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital.

At first, Patricia was hesitant to come and thought she could handle recovery herself at home. She explained later, “I am so glad I came! Everybody was really concerned about my getting well especially, Marco and Petra, my therapists. They gave me such encouragement and just worked me. Nobody ever gave up on me and people here were so responsive.”

After working with her team of therapists, Patricia has made great progress. She is now able to walk with a walker and feed herself. She looks forward to going home to Alamogordo, New Mexico to be with her family again. Patricia and her companion Steve can’t wait to travel to their favorite places like Las Vegas.